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Tony Fernandez

  The slick field fielding and fine hitting Tony Fernandez spent all of 1982 and most of 1983 with the Syracuse Chiefs. In those two seasons, Fernandez had slash lines of .302/.353/.388 and .300/.381/.403, respectively. 1983 TCMA card #16. 1992 Tallmadge Tire card #NNO 1984 Donruss card #32. 1984 Fleer card #152. Top row: 1985 Donruss card #390, 1985 Topps card #48, 1987 Fleer card #225. Bottom row: 1986 Topps card #241, 1987 Fleer Award Winner card #12 of 44, 1987 Topps card #485. 1987 Topps mini card #75, 1988 Donruss card #319, 1988 Donruss DK card #12. 1988 Score card #20. 1988 Topps card #290. 1988 Score card #651 (pretty good company!). 1988 Fleer card #109. 1989 Donruss card #206, 1989 Fleer card #231. Top row: 1989 Topps card #170, 1990 Fleer card #80, 1990 Fleer card #634. Middle: 1991 Leaf, 1991 Fleer card #U-123, 1993 Topps card #465. Bottom: 1992 Upper Deck card #272, 1993 Fleer Ultra card #426, 1994 Fleer card #U117. 1994 Leaf Donruss card #266. 1994 Fleer Flair card #366.

One more card to go!!!

Since returning to card collecting, my main goal has been to collect at least one card of every National Baseball Hall of Famer. With the purchase of the Stars of the Negro Leagues set, I finally landed the 2nd to last card to go to complete the collection. To borrow a phrase from GCRL at cards as I see them , Willie Foster is in my hall of famer collection! Next up - John Schuerholz. But I'm not paying $50 for a card of a former general manger, so it may be a while before I find a Schuerholz card I can afford. Card #24. Box cover of 1990 set. Text by Jack Morelli. Art by Mark Chiarello. Card #16. Rube was the older brother of Willie. Here are a few other cards of Negro League players, also from the Stars of the Negro Leagues set, that are hard to find, Card #11. Card #10. Card #7. In search of the elusive Willie Foster card, I came across an Old Time Black Stars card I could afford (these can get fairly pricey). And since I didn't need a card of any of the Hall of Famers in th

Carlos Delgado

  It has been quite a while since I wrote a post featuring a Syracuse Baseball Wall of Fame player ( Thurman Munson ), so I decided to get it back on track with Carlos Delgado.  Carlos Delgado started his career in the Toronto organization where he came up through the Syracuse AAA franchise as a catcher. Delgado spent most of the 1994 and 1995 seasons with the SkyChiefs, where he hit 19 and 22 HRs, and had 58 and 74 RBIs, respectively. He impressive slash lines were .319/.404/.541 in 1994 and .318/.403/.610 in 1995. Clearly those are Syracuse Baseball Wall of Fame worthy statistics!  1998 Grandstand card  #39. 1991 Classic Best card #63. It's pretty cool when you're featured on a Top Prospects card with a future Hall of Famer! 1993 Topps card #701. 1993 Upper Deck. 1993 Topps Stadium Club. At one point fairly early in his ML career, Carlos was moved from catcher to 1B and DH. 1996 Topps card #92. 2002 Topps Post card #18 of 30. 2003 was the season that Delgado became the 15th p

Trevor Bauer, the First Reds Cy Young Award Winner (and Other Great Reds Pitchers)!

  Finally! After five second place finishes, a Cincinnati Red pitcher has won the Cy Young Award! Trevor Bauer was announced earlier this week as the 2020 NL recipient of the prestigious award! With a 5-4 record in the Covid-shortened season, Bauer led the National League in ERA (1.73) and WHIP (0.79), and his 100 strikeouts were just four off Yu Darvish's NL-leading total. 2020 Topps card #CIN-8. The five Cy Young second place finishers were previously discussed here . 1981 Donruss card #425. In the strike-shortened 1981 season, the then future Hall of Famer had a 14-2 won-loss record (.875%) and a 2.54 ERA finishing second to Fernando Valenzuela of the Los Angeles Dodgers for the CYA. 1983 Donruss card #248. In 1983, with a 17-13 W-L record and a 2.70 ERA, Soto finished second to the Philadelphia Phillies’ John Denny. 1988 Topps card #55T. In 1988, with a 23-8 W-L record and a 2.73 ERA, Jackson finished second to Orel Hershiser of the Dodgers and his 59 consecutive scoreless inni