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4 Home Run Games

A player hitting four home runs in one game has only been achieved 18 times in MLB history. No one has done it twice. In this collection, I try to obtain cards that acknowledge this rare feat with preferably some notation on the front of the card, but if I can't find that I look for some acknowledgement on the back of the card. 1. On Memorial Day May 30, 1894 Bobby Lowe became the first MLB player to hit 4 HRs in one game when his Boston Beaneaters beat the Cincinnati Reds 20 - 11. The HRs were hit consecutively. Although this card pictures Bobby Lowe with Milwaukee of the Western Association, he made it to the majors in 1890 and spent 18 years in the majors. His best season was 1894 when he had 212 hits, 17 HRs, 115 RBIs and a .346 BA. Bobby Lowe Old Judge Reprint. 2. On July 13, 1896 Ed Delahanty became the 2nd player to hit 4 HRS in one game, 2 of which were inside-the-park. Despite this feat, his Philadelphia Phillies lost to the Chicago Colts 9 - 8. Delahanty hit over

Direct to Majors - Never Played in Minors

It's difficult enough for ANYONE to ever play in a single MAJOR LEAGUE baseball game. I've read that only 1% of baseball players that go professional ever even make to the major leagues. So those that go DIRECTLY to the major leagues without stopping in the minors are very rare. Those that go directly from high school to the majors are even more rare. And those that go directly to the majors and NEVER get sent to the minor leagues are the rarest of them all. This post features MLB players that never played in the minor leagues. I'm starting with the most impressive group - players that went directly from HIGH SCHOOL to the major leagues and never played in the minor leagues. Not a single game (according to Baseball-Reference data)! There are only 6 players in this ultra-exclusive category, so I added one player that played 6 games in the minors on a what appears to have been a rehab assignment. I'm following this impressive list with another group, this time of pla