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Caption This-1

Welcome to my first "Caption This" post. Have some fun and write a caption in the comments section that you think befits the card(s) shown. Feel free to be serious or silly, just please keep it clean. I'll offer mine below. Hrbek: The way your pitchers are chucking it in I'm gonna put this game out of reach in my next AB. Let's meet after the game for a cocktail. Karkovice: The way my pitchers are chucking, I'm not waiting. Cards shown: Kent Hrbek: 1994 Upper Deck Bronze. Ron Karkovice: 1994 Upper Deck. 1994 Upper Deck has a LOT of interesting photos, many of which beg for writing a caption - have fun! Stay well! CinciCuse Bill

Triple Crown Winners

Paul A. Hines Old Judge reprint. In 1878 Hines hit .358, 4 HR, 50 RBI for the NL Providence Grays.  The Triple Crown is so rare it has only been accomplished 17 times (by 15 players) in all of MLB history, most recently in 2012, by Miguel Cabrera. I try to collect the card for each winner that best acknowledges this significant achievement. I can't find many (affordable) options for older players. So I have to rely on the Conlon Collection cards for nearly an entire sheet. Thankfully, there is the Conlon Collection. 2014 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions. In 1887 O'Neill hit .435, 14 HR, 123 RBI for the American Association St. Louis Browns. 1992 The Sporting News Conlon Collection. In 1894 Duffy hit 440, 18 HR, 145 RBI for the NL Boston Beaneaters. There is doubt over whether Hugh Duffy's 1894 RBI totals were the highest.  1992 The Sporting News Conlon Collection. In 1902 Lajoie hit .426, 14 HR, 125 RBI for the AL Philadelphia Athletics . 1992 The Sporti

Ernie Banks

Among many other things, Ernie Banks, aka Mr. Cub, was famous for saying "Let's play two!"  which was a reflection of his boyish joy of the game of baseball. He started in the Kansas City Monarchs in the Negro Leagues, and then was an All-Star shortstop and first baseman with the Chicago Cubs. 1969 Milton Bradley 1970 Topps 1970 is the year I started collecting baseball cards, and these booklets quickly became favorites of mine. 1970 Topps I hate to say it, but as a young boy I took a pen to the back of this card to underline his greatest statistics. They were so good! He had hit 47 home runs in 1958, and over 40 five times! He had 143 RBI's in 1959 and over 100 eight times! I couldn't help it! 1975 Topps 1975 Topps  Back to back MVPs! I wasn't aware until I wrote this post! 1977 TCMA Galasso Love this photo - the more bats the better! 1987 (?) Baseball Immortals 1981 Cramer 1982 Superstar - Second Series 


1953 Topps Archives When I returned home after more than a month of traveling, I was thrilled to find these cards in the mail from Bob of  The Best Bubble . Bob has been very generous with his gifts and I greatly appreciate him whittling away three of my Syracuse Baseball Wall of Fame needs list. 1953 Topps Archives 1990 Target Thank you Bob! Thanks for visiting! CinciCuse Bill

Tony Fernandez

1983 TCMA I was fortunate to see Tony Fernandez in person when he played for the Syracuse Chiefs back in 1981 and 1982. He was one of the finest fielders I ever saw. Amazing range, and a cannon of an arm. I followed his career and remained a fan throughout. I was especially delighted when he signed with the Reds in 1994, where he switched to third base in deference to Barry Larkin at SS. I was saddened to hear of his passing last month at the all-too young age of 57. Thanks for the memories and RIP Tony. 1984 Donruss 1984 Fleer  Top row (left to right): 1985 Donruss; 1985 Topps; and 1987 Fleer. Middle: 1986 Topps; 1987 Fleer; and 1987 Topps. Bottom: 1987 Topps Mini; 1988 Donruss; and 1988 Donruss Diamond Kings. 1988 Score 1988 Topps 1988 Score. Pretty good company! 1988 Fleer 1989 Donruss and 1989 Fleer  Top row (L-R): 1989 Topps; 1990 Fleer; and 1990 Fleer w/ Ripkin, Jr. Middle: 1991 Leaf; 1991 Fleer; and 1993 Topps. Bottom: 19