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Trivia: What Do These MLBers Have in Common? #3

Trivia time: What do the following former MLBers have in common? Think about it as you scroll through and try to come up with an answer. See my answer at the end of the post. 1987 TCMA, Card #1-1957; and 1972 Topps, card #299. 1970 Topps, Card #181; and 1981 Donruss, Card #370. 1983 Fleer, Card #179; and 2000 Fleer Tradition, Card #150. 1970 Topps TSN AL AS, Card #453; and 1985 Leaf, Card #132. 1992 Ziploc, Card #3; and 1984 Fleer, Card #199. 1973 Topps, Card #193; and 1988 Donruss DK, Card #7. 1970 Topps Booklets, #10; and 1981 Donruss, Card #468. 1987 Donruss, Card #52; and 1998 Donruss Studio, Card #199. 1961 Topps, Card #360; and 1988 Topps Traded, Card #96T. 1987 Nestle (Topps), Card #24; and 2011 Topps - Value Box Chrome Refractors, Card #MBC2. 1974 Topps, Card #20; 1982 Donruss DK, Card #13; and 1989 Donruss DK, Card #665. 1977 TCMA Galasso, Card #13; and 1989 Pacific, Card #218. Hint: Yes, they're all Hall of famers, but that's not the answer I'm looking for. Have y

RIP Hank Aaron

  I can't let the passing of Henry Aaron go without acknowledgement. Aaron has been a mystical idol of mine all of my life. Here's a SI cover I saved from April 1974. Aaron was featured in my second post ever , just about 12-1/2 months ago. RIP Mr. Aaron. Stay well, CinciCuse Bill

U.S. Presidents and Baseball

  In this collection, I try to find one card of each U.S. President since around the beginning of baseball (1850) doing something related to baseball. Not an easy task for early Presidents; whereas for the 20th and 21st centuries I have found cards of most Presidents throwing out the ceremonial first pitch of a game. Between Millard Fillmore (1850 - 1853) and William McKinley (1897 - 1901), the only card I can find (or afford) of a President with any reference to baseball is the Abraham Lincoln card shown within this post. However; during my search for said cards I came across the 1888 W. Duke Sons and Co. card shown below. According to Pre-War , Duke Sons & Company produced a variety of comical baseball and non-sports issues in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Among them was the 1888 N154 Presidential baseball card set. Very rare and expensive (PSA, SGC, and Beckett have combined to grade fewer than 100 of them in all), the highlights are the oversized heads of presidenti

HoF Predictions 2021... and Beyond

For those that don't know, my main baseball card collection is of National Baseball Hall of Fame members. I try to collect at least one card of every Hall member, and except for the elusive John Schuerholz and Frank Selee (cards are too expensive and/or there are no reprints I'm aware of), I have accomplished that goal. (I'm not counting National Baseball HoF Postcards.) So it should come as no surprise that I look forward each year to see who the BBWAA is going to vote to be inducted in Cooperstown. It should also come as no surprise that I try to predict and prospect for cards of people that I think will be elected to the Hall in the future, so when they finally do get inducted I simply slide them from one binder to another. It's a rite of passage that I really look forward to. This is my first such post where I predict who I think will be inducted in the next HoF class. I will also make some predictions for who I think will be inducted sometime in the future.  2021 P