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Negro League Postcards

1992 R.D. Retort Enterprises "Negro League Legends"

In keeping with Black History Month, I thought I'd show a sampling of my Negro League postcard collection.

According to Baseball Reference, Sherwood Brewer played four different positions in four East-West Games in the dying days of the Negro Leagues.

Wilmer Fields Autograph - Oil Painting by Ron Lewis (Capital Cards Production)
Fields was reportedly considered one of the most consistent, reliable, and versatile two-way players in the Negro League and also in Canada and several Latin American leagues. In most leagues he was a pitcher, but played at third base or outfield in games when he was not scheduled to pitch.

Artwork by Susan Rini - Historic Limited Editions "Negro League Series
Dials played from 1925 to 1936 with several teams. After his playing career, he became a scout for the Houston Astros, Cleveland Indians and Baltimore Orioles.

Herbert Albert "Rap" Dixon - Oil on linen by Graig Kreindler (2017)

I just found a new source of Negro League information called Negro Leagues Baseball Museum ( There's a lot of interesting info on Dixon there. No sense in me reiterating it here, so if you've made it this far in the blog I suggest you check it out.

I'd like to collect some of the 1978 Laughlin Black Stars "Long Ago Black Stars," but those get pricey.

Thanks for visiting!

CinciCuse Bill


  1. Awesome artwork! And thanks for sharing the link to that museum. Look forward to browsing their site.

    1. Totally agree about the artwork. I thought they were nice samples.


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