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Father & Son Teammates

On this Father's Day, I thought I'd pay tribute to the only two father-son player teammate combinations in MLB history by showing my card collection that best represent this incredibly rare feat. I start with the famous Griffey family that became the first father-son combination to play together in the same MLB game when they did this for the Mariners on Friday August 31, 1990. I'll also show my very meager collection of the not as well known Raines father-son combination that played together in the same MLB game for the Orioles when they did this on Thursday October 4, 2001.

1991 Score card #841.
Box score of famous game - compliments of Baseball-Almanac.

I grew up during the heyday of the Big Red Machine, and Griffey (Sr.) was a huge contributor to their success. So when Jr. became a Red he brought an incredible amount of excitement to Reds Country. Both Griffey (Sr.) and Jr. are in the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame.

2003 Fleer Family Tree card #4 of 10.

Ken Griffey (Sr.) was a three time All-Star, all with the Reds. In 19 seasons, Griffey finished with 2143 hits, 152 HRs, 859 RBIs, 200 SBs, a .296 BA and .359 OBP. 

1989 Topps card #40T. 
Ken Griffey, Jr. was a 13 time All-Star, 10 time Gold Glove winner, and won one MVP award. In 22 seasons, Griffey, Jr. finished with 2781 hits, 630 HRs (7th all-time), 1836 RBIs, 184 SBs, a .284 BA, .370 OBP, and a .538 SLG. 
1989 Topps card #41T. I love how Topps chose similar card poses for Griffey (Sr.). and Jr. in the 1989 update set. 

Both Ken Griffey (Sr.) and Jr. won the MVP of an All-Star game!

2016 Topps Father Son card #FS-GG.

1991 Mother's Cookies Ken Griffey Father & Son, Set 4 of 4.

2000 Topps Magic Moments card #475. Father-son back-to-back home runs on September 14, 1990!

1993 Topps Bowman card #703.

Jr's brother Craig played in the minor leagues from 1991 - 1997, reaching the AAA level with the Mariners in 1997.

1991 Upper Deck card #85.

The not so well known father-son combination that played together in the same MLB game are Tim Raines and his son Tim Raines, Jr. As we all know, Tim Raines has been inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame after seven All-Star selections, and leading the league in runs (twice), stolen bases (four times with a high of 90), and one batting title (.334 in 1996).  Tim Raines, Jr. played in 75 games for the Orioles between 2001 and 2004.

Box score of the Raines father-son game - compliments of Baseball-Almanac.

2001 Fleer Platinum RC, card #308.

2000 Topps Bowman card #332.

As I said at the top, my collection (I guess two cards is technically a "collection") of the Raines accomplishment is quite meager. I'd greatly appreciate hearing from you if you know of any cards that commemorate/acknowledge this incredibly rare and impressive accomplishment. LMK if you know of anything.  

Happy Father's Day!
CinciCuse Bill


  1. Wow. That was pretty cool to see all of these Griffey father/son cards together in one place.

    1. Thanks - you can't deny the greatness of their accomplishment.

  2. Didn't realize the Raines duo was on the same team. Cool.

  3. Right. I don't understand why it it isn't more recognized.


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