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George Brett


George Brett. MVP; 13 time All-Star; led AL in batting 3 times, hits 3 times, doubles 2 times, triples 3 times, OBP 1 time, and slugging 3 times. Finished with 3154 hits, 665 doubles, 137 triples, 317 HR, 1596 RBI, 201 SB, 1096 BB, 908 SO, and a .305/.369/.487 BA/OBP/SLG slash line. What a great, great career! 

2007 National Baseball Hall of Fame Postcard.

1983 Donruss Large Card, Card #42.

Top: 1975 Topps, Card #228; 1977 Kellogg's, Card #6; and 1981 Donruss, Card #100.
Middle: 1981 Donruss, Card #491; 1981 Donruss w/Carew, Card #537; and 1981 Topps, Card #700.
Bottom: 1981 Topps, Card #401; 1982 Donruss, Card #34; and 1982 Donruss, Card #15.

Top: 1982 Fleer, Card #405; 1982 Topps, Card #200; and 1982 Topps, Card #201.
Middle: 1982 Topps, Card #549; 1982 Topps Kmart, Card #38; and 1983 Fleer, Card #108.
Bottom: 1983 Topps, Card #600; 1983 Topps, Card #388; and 1983 Topps Sticker #76.

Top: 1984 Donruss, Card #53; and 1984 Fleer, Card #344.
Bottom: 1984 Fleer w/Perry, Card #638; 1984 Topps, Card #500; and 1984 Topps, Card #399.

Top: 1984 Topps Cereal, Card #13.
Middle: 1986 Topps, Card #300; 1986 Topps, Card #714; and 1987 Topps, Card #400.
Bottom: 1987 Topps, Card #256; 1988 Donruss, Card #102; and 1988 Fleer, Card #254.

Top: 1988 Score, Card #11; 1988 Topps, Card #700; and 1988 Topps, Card #141.
Middle: 1989 Donruss, Card #204; 1989 Score Mini, Card #49; and 1990 Fleer, Card #183.
Bottom: 1990 Fleer, Card #621; and 1989 Topps, Card #200.

Top: 1990 Score, Card #140; 1990 Score Mini, Card #39; and 1990 Upper Deck, Card #124.
Middle: 1991 Impel Collect-A-Book #28; 1991 Leaf, Card #335; and 1991 Leaf, Card #396.
Bottom: 1991 Topps, Card #540.

Top: 1991 Upper Deck, Card #525.
Middle: 1992 Topps Stadium Club Members Only, Card #609; and 1992 Score, Card #650.
Bottom: 1992 Upper Deck, Card #444.

Top: 1993 Topps, Card #397; and 1981 Fleer, Card #655.
Middle: 1994 Topps Stadium Club Gold, Card #5; 1994 Topps Stadium Club Red, Card #5; and 1994 Upper Deck Ken Burns Baseball, Card #80.
Bottom: 2001 Fleer Greats of the Game, Card #87; 2013 Topps Chasing History, Card #CH-23; and 2014 Topps Gypsy Queen, Card #185.

My favorite card: 1975 Topps rookie card, but the 1984 Fleer card with Gaylord Perry is a close second!

What's yours?

Stay safe,

CinciCuse Bill

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  1. Lots of cool cards in this post. Hard to go against his 75T rookie card. But the 81D combo card with Carew is pretty cool too. I either pulled or traded for that card when I was a kid.

    1. That is a cool card. I sometimes inadvertently overlook the landscape oriented cards.

  2. I interviewed the photographer who shot the Brett/Perry card - you can read the backstory behind it here:

    1. That was a cool and interesting interview! Lots of great insight from a photographer's perspective. Thanks for sharing.

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